7. News 


White papers:

February 2017 - Safety framework selection.

January 2017 - Systematic faults and failure models.


March 2017 - WG20 has the utmost difficulties to bridge security and safety. Between diverging interests of stakeholders and topic complexity, the result might be somewhat decieving.

January 2017 - Official launching of edition 3 of IEC 61508. National comments are being gathered.

December 2016 - There will be no french version of IEC 61511 edition 2. Not enough french experts for the job.

November 2016 - Publication of IEC61703. At end, good mathematical formulas and clear definitions. Still nothing for PFDavg outside annex I of ISO12489. TC 56 (dependability) has still problems with TC65 definitions. Or maybe it's the opposite.


August 2016 - two new sessions :

* SAF 108 : a three day session for engineers (MSc) to understand the complete concept including relationships with accidentology.

* SAF 109: a one day session for the persons involved in safety objectives definition and preliminary risk analysis.

On-going discussions on forums :

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