9. Services
 9.5. Lobbying 

Many companies find themselves in difficulty when executing an order containing requirements for the application of IEC 61508 or IEC 61511 or GAMP.

Either the terms of the contract mention the requirement of conformity without drawing the associated conclusions in terms of subdivision contract and activities of the supervisor Or the application of the reference system is not feasible throughout the perimeter , The performer is deprived vis-à-vis his principal.

I intervene in this case, within the framework of a mandate of the performer, with the customer to:

  • Identify limitations, inconsistencies, impossibilities specific to the structure of the process, the characteristics of the installation or the construction of the contract
  • Propose median ways to preserve the spirit of the normative reference frame, while remaining within the legal, budgetary and timeframework of the contract
  • Strengthen the customer on the results he can expect from his supplier
  • Target the supplier's effort on tasks that bring actual added value