9. Services
 9.3. Consultancy 

My concept of consultancy is to make my customer autonomous.

This implies the transmission of practical and theoretical know-how on the basis of the analysis of use cases. The objective is therefore not to make a picture of a situation, as in an audit, but to anticipate difficulties by preparing the organization that can solve them in a natural and sustainable way. In general, each organization has most of the necessary know-how. After initial training, the identification of competent individuals becomes evident. It is then sufficient to gather them around the analysis and resolution of a particular problem, to provide them with some organizational and formalization keys in order to progress in an IEC project 61508/61511/62061 or GAMP.

My goal is therefore to leave after an advisory action:

  • A team formed
  • Having working procedures adapted to their needs
  • Having associated forms and supports such as checklists and detailed summaries of development plans
  • Able to address compliance areas IEC61508 / 61511/62061 or GAMP both to its external customers and to other internal stakeholders, including the management of the company.n